‘Wild and Game’ is a new initiative - started by Dorset shoot owner Michael Cannon (perhaps better known as the owner of the fabled grouse moor, Wemmergill), and Wiltshire shooting fanatic, Steve Frampton - to improve the public perception of game meat.

Michael explains why he’s become involved with the project. ‘We want to help increase the popularity and demand of game meat as a food source. The popularity of gameshooting has increased dramatically over the past decade, but, as an industry, we’ve been poor at promoting the desirability of a sustainable and healthy source of protein.'

‘Last summer, though, with the help of a panel of tasters, I decided to try and find a solution here, by producing a range of pies, pasties, and sausage rolls. We are still developing the range, and planning to introduce sausages, pates, sauces, and lasagne-type ready meals in the near future.’

Pheasant has been used, mixed with chicken or steak, to produce a range of fillings, guaranteed to appeal. 

‘We’re a non-profit making organisation’ Michael emphasises. ‘I’m not doing this to make money, but to try and raise the profile of game meat for the benefit of our industry. We’re hoping to cover our costs, and, hopefully, produce a little surplus which can be used for advertising and promotion of ‘Wild and Game’. Our first production run used a tonne of pheasant meat, which is a useful start.'

The product range is being extended in time for August this year – with grouse pies being added to the range, together with a range of sausages – ideal for elevenses, or for feeding the beaters. Michael is excited by the endless possibilities, and is approaching the whole project with his customary enthusiasm.

‘We’re looking for more recipes, and for ambassadors around the country to help us promote the range. For further information, and to keep up-to-date with our latest developments, there’s a website www.wildandgame.co.uk.

‘Wild and Game’ – remember the name’ he says, ‘…and give us your support!’