Sportsman’s Customer Services department has undergone a positive restructure to improve the coverage of the team across the country. The team now have dedicated regional focus, with key contacts looking after the North, East and South West. A regional focus enables the team to gain a better understanding of the mill capacities and logistical capabilities of their areas, as well as offering customers focused advice and knowledge based on their location.

Mick Debbage, Customer Support Coordinator for Sportsman, commented “As a business we’re constantly looking at ways in which we can work more collaboratively and communicate more effectively with customers.

“Delivering a regional approach enables us to develop our relationships with customers – we can advise them on raw materials, transport and mill operations for their area, as well as work more closely with them to understand their individual needs and requirements.”

A regional approach also allows the team to share knowledge and advise each other on developments in their area which could impact other operations.

“Even though we’re focusing on our own regions, it’s really important that we’re all aware of the activity and trends arising across the industry, which is why we’re constantly communicating and reporting on developments in our areas.

“It works really well; we’re able to talk about challenges in the industry and how we’re going to deal with them, we openly discuss what’s working well and what needs improving in each region and, most importantly, we give the team the recognition they deserve when they’ve gone above and beyond their day-to-day responsibilities.”


The Team…

Mick Debbage, Customer Support Coordinator – East

Mick joined the company four years ago before moving onto the Monogastric Customer Support team. He was chosen to be the Game Lead for the 2016 season, focusing on delivering the best possible service and ensuring meaningful customer relationships were established and maintained. Mick is looking forward to another successful year with the fresh restructure and is determined to improve on last years’ service with the new Game team.

Christina Tyrrell – Customer Support Coordinator – East

Christina joined Sportsman in December 2016 after having worked in a farm shop and on an arable farm. She studied Agriculture at the University of Lincoln. Growing up on a family agricultural and horticultural farm, Christina’s passion for farming and conservation has grown over the years and her role as a Customer Support Coordinator has helped expand her knowledge of another part of the agricultural industry. She finds the Game industry fascinating, and is in the process of training her own Labrador to become her trusty picking up and beating companion.

Harriet Ward, Customer Support Coordinator – North

Harriet started her Sportsman career in December 2016 after completing a three year degree in Equine Business Studies. She joined the Monogastric Customer Support team covering the Northern region. Harriet has interests in Equestrian and the Outdoors, and is looking forward to gaining further knowledge and insight throughout the Game season.

Jenny Davies, Customer Support Coordinator – South West

A new addition to the Sportsman Customer Support team, Jenny grew up on a hill farm in West Wales and studied Agriculture at Harper Adams University. She has a passion for working with farm animals and the agricultural industry as a whole. Jenny is looking forward to getting to know the Game industry, and meeting and working with different people to make lasting relationships.