We’re pleased to announce that Dr Laura Beeson has joined the Sportsman team as a Nutritionist. 

Laura graduated from the University of Nottingham with a degree in Animal Science, and after taking a keen interest in animal nutrition, went on to complete a Ph.D at SRUC before joining ABN’s Nutrition team in 2016.

Laura quickly made an impact within ABN with her work on product development and improvement strategies, and was keen to learn more about game bird nutrition. “I’m still in training with our Senior Nutritionist John Round, but I’m learning more and more every day. I’m able to use my knowledge of nutrition and consider ways in which this can have a positive impact commercially, such as developing specifications to improve bird performance”.

“I’m really enjoying working with the game team and learning about game nutrition and the industry; it’s not as well-documented or researched as other poultry species so it’s a rewarding challenge and a great opportunity to develop my career.”

“Looking ahead, I want to continue to learn about the industry, and develop Sportsman products based on customer needs and challenges. I’ve found that the game sector has different nutritional requirements to other poultry species, and I’m looking forward to making a positive difference and making sure Sportsman products continue to meet these requirements in the years ahead.”