The Sportmans Review - Issue 7
The Sportsman Review

Welcome to the latest edition of the Sportsman Review.

Unfortunately, as many of us will have feared, a difficult 2020 ended with a national lockdown, which curtailed the shooting season prematurely. A very necessary measure in order to keep our people, friends and family safe, but one which will no doubt have far-reaching effects for our industry in the weeks and months ahead. We are now left with challenging decisions relating to the birds left on the ground and choices to be made as to how we approach the season ahead.

In this issue we proudly introduce you to Alphasoy Gold, our replacement for fishmeal that will deliver both performance and sustainability benefits to our customers in the year ahead. We also touch on industry assurance schemes with the BGA, and provides updates from the NGO, St David’s Vet and Poultry Health Services.