The Sportsman Review - Issue 6 2020
The Sportsman Review

Welcome to the sixth edition of our Sportsman Review.

As we near the end of our rearing season we reflect on what has been an unprecedented period in the history of Game. This has been a devastating for many in our industry and, as recent examples within the food sector have shown, the threat of disruption from COVID-19 continues to be a very real one. With this in mind we advance into the shooting season with you all, proud of the job that we have done so far but conscious of the challenges and uncertainty that still lie ahead.

As the industry looks to re-build, we look forward to working with partners from this issue such as St David’s Veterinary Group, Crowshall Veterinary Groups, the BGA and NGO and the results from our trial work as we look to rebuild our industry and continue the important work on bird welfare standards.

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