The design of game feeds which support the highest level of performance in both breeding and growing birds is a key part of the Sportsman philosophy. Crucial to achieving this objective is the inclusion of a high quality premix produced in a specialist plant to meet the bird’s needs for a variety of essential trace elements.

These trace elements include manganese, zinc, iron, copper, iodine, molybdenum and selenium and although they occur naturally in raw materials such as wheat, soyabean meal and fishmeal, the levels found are variable and are generally not high enough in relation to the bird’s needs. Sportsman use organic as well as inorganic sources of some trace elements - organic sources are more expensive, but are more available/digestible to the bird.

However, it is also important not to oversupply these trace elements - excess levels are excreted by the bird and are bad for the environment. Furthermore some trace elements, such as selenium, can be harmful to the bird and upper legal limits apply in the case of this and other trace elements which must be followed.

Some functions of these trace elements are shown below -


Trace elements used in Sportsman Game Feeds and their benefits

You can be sure that the specifications of the Sportsman premixes have been carefully considered to help you get the most out of your birds.