We’re pleased to introduce our new game eMed Hub, an internally developed tool that has been created to provide customers with details of their medicated feed usage. At Sportsman, we identified that vast amounts of medicated feed usage data was being held in various reports, and it became clear that one report was required to bring these details together, along with an automated distribution routine to carry out this process on our behalf; thus, the eMed Hub was developed.

The technology was carried over from our sister company ABN, which in this case was used to report medication in pig feed in conjunction with the AHDB to meet a specific industry requirement. We identified that there was likely to be a similar requirement for game in the future, and came to the decision to utilise our existing eMed Hub tool, which had been successfully running for over 18 months. We reviewed the capabilities of the existing Hub and modified it where required to provide the same quality technology and service to game customers.

We’ve made a number of improvements to the eMed Hub in its transition to game. The original Hub development reported on prescriptive additives only – i.e. anything added to feed that required a prescription from the vet – however, we have since modified the Hub to flag up whether a prescriptive item was antibiotic or not. This, therefore, gives customers the option to receive a report based on all prescriptive additives or just those that were antibiotics.

Reports are supplied to customers via email in an Excel spreadsheet, which details the type of feed used, additives included, delivered quantity, and additive usage within a specific time frame. Originally, reporting frequencies were only possible on a quarterly, bi-annual or annual basis, however we have now added weekly and monthly reporting to allow greater flexibility for customers.

Other modifications have been made to our own data setup and reporting processes, which enable us to capture customer details and produce their bespoke reports more efficiently. Going forward, we intend to continually monitor and improve the service as customer and industry requirements change, to ensure it’s as valuable as possible.

If you would like to know more about the eMed Hub, please speak to your local Account Manager.