You may have noticed your Sportsman delivery looking a bit brighter lately – that’s because, following feedback from our customers, we updated our feed bag designs to incorporate bands of bold, bright colours.

You’re probably thinking, ‘I’m pretty sure I didn’t ask for my feed bag to be more colourful’, and you’d be right. However, what we did get asked for was a way to make life easier for gamekeepers when ordering feed and distributing it across their farm, especially for those whose first language wasn’t English.

That’s where the colours came in – each feed bag was given its own distinct colour that is attributed to the type of feed. So, breeder feeds now come in the brown bag. Starter pellets in the red bag. Essential feeds in the black bag. And so on.

So, when you’re rifling through (no pun intended) your feed stocks and are on the lookout for a particular diet, you know that you need to be looking for a certain colour rather than reading the product name. It’s a small improvement, but it could save you some time.