SRUC Elmwood campus is situated in North East Fife, Scotland and is responsible for education and training in the rural sector. Being course tutor for Gamekeeping & Wildlife Management students, I am responsible for the design and delivery of the curriculum which includes incubation & hatchery, and game bird rearing.

Whilst attending the Game Conservancy game fair in 2015, I was fortunate enough to meet Kevin Adamson, and Phillip Kammer from Sportsman Game Feeds. It was fundamentally clear, that we all had a common thread namely game bird husbandry. After further discussion, Kevin was keen to forge our relationship further, by kindly inviting staff and students to their production mill which coincidentally is also situated in North East Fife.

Staff and students attended a visitation, in May 2016 greeted first of all by reception and a gratefully received buffet lunch. This was preceded by a presentation on various Sportsman game feed products, nutritional values, game bird needs and benefits. To cap it all off, we were all taken on a robust tour of the mill witnessing the raw ingredients taking its journey through to the end product. To capitalize, excellent hospitality with under pinning knowledge relevant to the staff and student needs.

Sportsman game feeds have endeavoured to fulfil this visit on annual basis, much to the delight of staff and students. This educational visit pertains to the course curriculum and gives students an insight into a product which is essential to the nutritional values and husbandry associated with game bird rearing.