This is the third of a series of three short articles describing the main raw materials used in Sportsman game feeds and covers the major minerals.

A number of major minerals are required by the game bird - for example, calcium is needed particularly for bone development and, in the case of laying birds, as an integral part of the shell.

The main source of calcium in feed is limestone, obtained from quarries, for example in Derbyshire.

Calcium is also supplied by dicalcium or monocalcium phosphate - the main source of phosphorus. Phosphorus is essential for birds at all stages of their life, and must be present at the correct levels in relation to the level of calcium supplied.

The other two major minerals required by the game bird are sodium and chloride, and these are principally supplied by the inclusion of salt and sodium bicarbonate in the feed, ingredients which will be found in most domestic kitchens!

You can be sure that with Sportsman only the best raw materials are chosen to meet the birds’ needs.