At Sportsman Game Feeds we're always in pursuit of the best feed performance and value for our customers. Whether it's through our extensive research and development trials with organisations such as the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust or our involvement in initiatives to benefit the industry with organisations such as the National Gamekeepers Organisation, we're working hard to support our industry.


One recent trial investigated the effects of protein level on the performance of pheasants grown to 7 weeks of age. High protein levels had a positive effect on growth, most significantly in the 21-49 day period. This suggests it is important not to reduce the protein levels of the feed too quickly as the bird gets older, and not to introduce whole wheat feeding too early as it has a low protein level (typically 10-11%). The Sportsman Game Feeds range provides the correct protein levels for the birds according to their age, so you don’t have to worry.


Use of fishmeal is a key part of our feeding philosophy. Fishmeal is a highly digestible source of protein which helps to produce a quality bird. Fishmeal also helps enhance the immune response of the bird and improves leg strength. In our research we found that birds fed on fishmeal diets were significantly heavier at 7 weeks of age than birds fed on non-fishmeal diets, producing a quality bird more quickly.

The charts show the effect of protein level and  fishmeal inclusion on the liveweight of 7 week old pheasants and the effect of fishmeal on feed intake to 2 weeks of age:

Liveweight at 7 weeks
Fishmeal and feed intake 0-2 weeks