With Christmas parties looking doubtful and bosses unlikely to be able to give gifts in person, game specialist Wild and Game is encouraging them to think outside the box – and give a box of game.


Wild and Game was launched in 2017 with the aim of putting game more fully on the British menu and has gained a strong following with people who had not previously tried meats such as pigeon, partridge and grouse. Its mixed game boxes, delivered to your home, became a huge hit in lockdown and the company has launched a Christmas hamper box, as well as a selection of smaller boxes, with the festive season in mind.


Whether you are buying for a family member you won’t get to visit or want to give your staff something a little different, Wild and Game’s mixed boxes will provide many happy meals.


On top of that, they can enjoy the benefits of eating game meat, which is wild and natural, hormone free and low in fat and cholesterol. It’s also far more flavoursome than your average supermarket meat.


Options include multiple variety packs, such as:


The Autumn variety pack at £39.99, a 10 item pack including sausages, pies, wild boar and venison and much more.


The Wild and Game Trial Pack 2 at £59.99, a 16 item pack including sausages, burgers, partridge and pheasant breasts and much more.


Wild and Game also offers a choice of four Christmas hampers, ranging from £64.99 to £249.99 and including not only meat but also artisan pies, charcuterie and chutneys.


Steven Frampton, co-founder of Wild and Game, said:


“We’ve been delighted with how enthusiastically people have embraced our variety packs and hampers. They offer something a little different and are a great way to introduce someone to the pleasures of eating game. We offer everything from ready-made pies through to ready-to-cook meat, burgers and sausages, all made with the finest British game. We think this is a truly original Christmas gift, and one that people can enjoy over a course of days or weeks.”


Order Now! www.wildandgame.co.uk 0800 433 4334


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