The game industry is evolving and modernising from its traditional roots, and nowhere is this more evident than at Bettws Hall game farm and hatchery.

Gwyn and Ann Evans are leading the way in the game industry, and their use of data management and technology, alongside recognition of the role of key people, is central to their ethos. Their success and development through organic growth is testament to the hard work that has gone into building the business.

Attention to detail and relationships formed with reliable people are key components in achieving this success and continued growth, explains Gwyn. “We have dealt with the people at Sportsman for over 20 years, and we’ve had a close relationship with all the team.”

Kevin Adamson, Sportsman Sales Manager, reiterates the value of customer relations. “Gwyn wouldn’t deal with us on the scale that he does if we didn’t do the job well, and deliver on the service and products.”

Gwyn says, “From when we initially started dealing with Sportsman through the local reps, our relationship has developed and grown into the established rapport we have today with the whole team. It's been built on trust and service and that's important.”

He adds, "Nutrition and reliable service are core components; we need continuity, point of delivery and overall a sound product,” he adds. “The birds grow well on the Sportsman feed, which is based on the nutritional recommendations from Sportsman nutritionists. They are professional people and I trust we will receive a reliable service.”

The hatchery and rearing business at Bettws Hall today consists of 55,000 laying hens producing 45% of the hatched eggs required. Ann Evans, who has been heavily involved in developing and managing the hatchery, explains that the rest of their eggs are brought in from two trusted establishments in France who have had a close working relationship with Bettws Hall for 15 years, along with some from Bill MacFarland, a very well recognised US producer.

“In our hatchery, we set 750,000 eggs per week on a Thursday and Friday, and these then hatch in two batches. In total, in excess of half a million chicks a week are hatched." This cycle is maintained through from March to the end of July.

Ann explains that the day old chicks are then placed with customers throughout the UK along with a proportion being placed on their own farms. “We retain a third for our own rearing farms which comprises of 50 different sites.” She adds, “The average site rears 30,000 birds, and this totals in excess of 1.5 million poults reared each year.

Gwyn comments, “Our core operation is based on attention to detail and excellent management from our key people in all parts of the business.” He adds, “Companies we have longstanding relationships with, including Sportsman, are also vital to our business.”

Bettws Hall is leading the way as pioneers in the industry through their ability to collect and use data as a benchmarking tool. “We have produced a performance report for the last six years, but last year, it was published for the whole industry for the first time”, Gwyn adds.

“This allows us to better ourselves and set targets that are informed using the previous year’s results.” Data is collected and sent back to the central office from all rearing sites daily before midday”. Gwyn adds, “Any irregular results can then be immediately investigated by our rearing Manager, Anthony Pryce, and where appropriate our Veterinary practice can be involved immediately.

“Due to this attention to detail and management, our top 10 rearing farms are achieving 98% reared, and we are able to monitor this, and benchmark against it through the data we collect every day from all of the sites.“

To achieve continued success and sustainable growth, customer satisfaction is paramount, explains Gwyn. “To be able to deliver what our customers want, data management and good people and relationships are vital to our business. Our established relationship with the Sportsman team is based on their reliability and the delivery of a quality product”. Gwyn concludes, “most importantly, Sportsman highly values their customers, and this is very important to us.”

“We have dealt with the people at Sportsman for over 20 years, and we’ve had a close relationship with all the team.”

"Nutrition and reliable service are very important; we need continuity, point of delivery and overall a sound product.”

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